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RFID Credit Card Holder Wallets For Men

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Product front

The front of purse looks very smooth, the carefully selected high quality leather has a graceful contour, and it is made by hand-sewn lines. very pleasant to touch! In the middle of the product is a durable leather buckle. You can open it easily!

Product back

The back of the card holder is a coin purse, the coin purse is designed in the french style. made from high quality leather and sewn by hand. You can hold up to 4-6 coins so you don't have to put your coins in your pocket! This way, the coins are not lost and are very practical!

In the product

Wallet Size 10*7.6*2.5cm(4*3*1 inch).In the wallet can hold 7-9 cards in total, there is an aluminum alloy card box., two independent card compartments and a banknote compartment. The card box consists of three layers of reflective aluminum foil. Can block high frequency signals such as rfid . You can place more important cards in the independent card slot or place some bills in the bill compartment. Cards and banknotes can be removed anytime! What a pleasant thing!

Card cotton

We designed card cotton in credit card holder. Card cotton can effectively prevent the card from moving. Even if you insert only one card, it won't fall and slip out. and because this material is very soft, it won't scratch your card. You can load the card safely without worrying about the card falling or scratching.

Easy and fast

Wallet with a specially designed slider mechanism, you can get the cards in the most efficient way by using the slider with your fingertip. This will make it easier for you to remove the card.

Rfid secure

Rfid is a radio frequency identification technology that can steal your information over the air and compromise your information security. To prevent this we made this kind of wallet with rfid blocking technology so you can use it safely!

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